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Monday, August 15, 2011

Monogrammed Mondays: Appliques

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.  I sure did, even got to spend a DAY with Mr. R (a first since before Memorial Day). 

I want to send a special Back to School shout out to our niece Miss K, who starts FIRST GRADE today and my bro-in-law RAR who is officially a TEACHER today!  We are also staying up to the minute with updates on the impending arrival of niece #4.  Could be any day/minute!  More on that and a Columbia baby shower later.

On to the wonderful world of appliques.  I view these as one of the most elegant versions of a monogram.  They are also the most customized and usually expensive.  They make fabulous wedding, baby or graduation gifts or create a blissful bedroom.  They have become quite popular with designers and mainstream companies like Pottery Barn are now getting in on the action.

Drumroll please...here we go!

Don't you want to just dive in?
from Bella Lino
applique monogrammed pillow
Bright & Fun
from Bella Lino
Complimentary with one of my all time favorite fabrics
from Schumacher
even too much for me.
via Pink Wallpaper
A modern take.  Wouldn't this look great in a
child's room?
via Leontine Linens

Gorgeous Hand Towels via Leontine Linens

applique hand towels
More Hand Towels via A Slice of Life

applique tissue cover
Adorable Tissue Cover via The Pink Monogram

I REALLY want this...
Ipad/eReader Case via Boatman Geller

Gabrielle Gown
GORGEOUS night gown (hospital jammies?)
via Leontine Linens

Jewelry Boxes
Jewelry Rounds: I was actually given one of these
when I was in high school and it is still
one of my all-time favorite gifts, AND I still
use it!  via The Pink Monogram

Baby Burpers...however I think they are too
delicate to actually USE!
via Leontine Linens

Monogrammed Vinyl Shower Cap
A $60 Shower Cap...maybe for
Grandma's Permanent?
via The Pink Monogram

Custom Appliqued Set Of 3 Lingerie Cases
Lingerie Bags-Perfect for the Bride!
via The Pink Monogram

One last look at different options for the appliques.  Swooning...ooohhhs and ahhs!  Have a wonderful week!

via Lauren Corbyn Interiors

1 comment :

  1. What the fudge! I'm loving this blog my friend. BTW one of my fav gifts I've ever received is the jewelry round you gave me years ago! Looking forward to reading more. Lots of love Kat. :) allie