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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pardon The Interruption

My family is in town, I am in vacay mode (while still working).  Say a little prayer this rain peaces out.  See you next week!

Cheers from the Seabrook Beach Club!

Friday, June 22, 2012


sale on sale
  • KATE SPADE popped up in my inbox this morning to let me   know they are offering an additional 25% off their sale items!  If I had any money I might purchase these...
kate spade | leather handbags - cobble hill ellen
kate spade | designer dresses and skirts - act three lucille knit dress
kate spade | women's flats - ippolita

  • I'm slightly obsessed with the new Dallas.  Thank goodness for some sort of drama this summer, I'm starting to get tired really fast of all the reality shows!  PS, whats up with J.R.'s eyebrows?  They have a mind of their own.

  • A friend of mine (see her blog, Tupelo Honey, HERE) and some of her teacher friends had a Pinterest party.  Everyone picks a recipe from their pins and have a little get together.  I am really wanting to do this!  Brilliant.

  • ASHLEY BROOKE DESIGNS is doing a Summer Favorites Give-a-way.  How fun would it be to win all these goodies??  Info on how to enter on her blog HERE.
Ashley Brooke Designs - Summer Favorites Giveaway

  • My family comes tomorrow for a whole WEEK!  They will be staying on Seabrook Island and I cannot wait to spend time with everyone.  They are also bringing my car back (since it was my MOM's that was totaled).  Mr. R and I can't wait to get back to 2 cars.  

Thursday, June 21, 2012

32 Years

They have been married for a whopping 32 years today and are STILL best friends.  Mr. R and I couldn't ask for better role models for a wonderful marriage:).

Here are the crazy kids from god knows when...(and I HOPE this was for a costume party?!)

32 years, 2 daughters, 3 dogs, 3 1/2 cats, charlotte, connecticut, san francisco, raleigh, 1 heart attack, and 1 son-in-law later...

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Summer!

Its officially the first day of summer and the longest day of the year...how will you take advantage??  We are cooking chicken tacos with friends!

South Carolina Letterpress Print Limited Edition

Pool pillows...umm, AWESOME!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Favorite Things: My Summer Go-To's

Luckily in Charleston we do not get TOO harsh of a winter so I never really have to pack my summer goodies away.  However, there comes that time when you to put some color on your toe nails, rid of the pasty white skin and enjoy sweet, sweet summertime in the Lowcountry!  What are your favorite summer goodies?

1. Nail Polish
OPI Cajun Shrimp
(I mean, who doesn't love this color?)
Essie Peach Daiquiri

2. Shoes-these are ALL great staples!
J. Crew Gold T-Strap Sandals
**I am really needing a new pair and so upset they are not carrying these anymore :(.  Any suggestions for another gold t-strap?
Current Image
Tory Burch Black Flip Flop

Rainbow Sandals Narrow Strap Espresso

3. Sunglasses
Costa Del Mar Isabela

croakies---need a new pair, brown with light green
Marley Lilly Monogrammed Croakies

4. Self Tanner
MicroMist® Airbrush Sunless Tan
Neutrogena Airbrush Sunless Tan

5. J.Crew Bathing Suits
Strapless anchor tank

Arrowhead ikat underwire top

Jersey Lomellina® flutter halter top

6. Target Cover-Ups/Running Errands Dresses
Xhilaration® Juniors Ruffled Maxi Cover Up Dress - Assorted Colors.Opens in a new window

Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Kimono Sleeve Dress - Assorted Colors.Opens in a new window

7. L.L. Bean Totes

8. White Wine Spritzers
pinot grigio & sprite with ice

9. Patagonia Baggies
Patagonia Women's Baggies™ Shorts - 5

10. Target Boyfriend Pocket Tees
Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Short Sleeve Pocket Vee Tee - Assorted Colors.Opens in a new window

11. BIG Necklaces
Black Bubble Statement Necklace similar to J. Crew style
ily couture

Orientalist Statement Necklace - White
pree brulee

I Adorn You in Coral

Lime Bauble Bib (Pre-Order: Ships by July 1st)
bauble bar

Friday, June 15, 2012

For The Dad's In Your Life

I don't know about you all but I have some pretty phenomenal men in my life---each who are a "dad."  My dad is incredible and my miracle person.  This week especially after the wreck he has been pretty awesome.
Mr. R is such a good daddy to our furry children and I CANNOT wait (well, actually I can!) for him to be the father of our future children.  They have someone pretty outstanding to look up to and learn from.  I wish his dad was still here to see what an amazing man he has become.  I know Steve is looking down from above, so proud!  
My grandaddy taught me 'remember who you are.'  He is one of the strongest, smartest people I know and I only wish I could see him more.  
How are you going to celebrate the dad's in your life?  Here are some goodies they might enjoy...but some of the best gifts cannot be bought with money!  Spend some time together!  I can't wait to see my dad for a whole week soon!

vineyard vines iphone cover ~  southern tide flip flops ~ nascar ride along experience ~ ncsu tevis tumblers ~ chick fil a kick off classic tickets ~ pga championship 2012 kiawah passes ~ green bicycle bottle opener

Thursday, June 14, 2012

So this happened...

Wednesday morning on the way to work downtown I was cruising north up Savannah Highway near Carolina Bay, enjoying my coffee and listening to TJ, Gary & Rick on WEZL when BAM.  That little black car was going south (towards Main Road), lost control and came across the grass median into oncoming traffic and stopped when she ran into me.  

The Tahoe is mine (or well, actually my mother's).  Its totaled.  Mom's getting a new car.

I am ok.  Bruised and burned from the air bag and now an extremely sore neck and shoulders.  The doctor was kind enough to give me some pain meds and muscle relaxers so a 7:30 bedtime last night did a whole lotta good.

I am EXTREMELY thankful to have been driving my mom's Tahoe and not a smaller car.  They may be un-fuel efficient but sure can keep you a little more safe in a wreck.   

I can't stop thinking of how a couple more feet in either direction of the impact could have been so much worse.  Even if I am having trouble with the 'at faults' insurance and dealing with some pain this experience has made me stop and realize how great my life is and to not sweat the small stuff.  God is Good.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Weekend (and Monday) Recap

Yup, I did it again...got slack on Monday and didn't blog.  This weekend was extremely eventful and the rainy Monday didn't exactly motivate me.  However, it WAS an amazing weekend:).

First off, I have read 3 books since last Thursday.  It kinda helps when I have my tablet at home and Kindle has a "cloud reader" that allows me to read in a browser window.  I can't get away from reading and I love it!  All three were good...but so far Spring Fever by Mary Kay Andrews was the best.  I just downloaded the new Porch Lights by Dorothea Benton Frank.  They can all be bought for Kindle HERE.

Spring Fever  Beach House Memories Summer Breeze: A NovelPorch Lights: A Novel

Friday night and Saturday I spent my time at home cleaning, organizing, spray painting and cooking to get ready to celebrate the upcoming birth of BABY BREWER!!!  Three of my girlfriends and I threw a baby shower at my house on Sunday. 

I re-painted porch furniture...and learned a very valuable lesson NOT to wear flip flops while spray painting!
Photo: note to self, don't wear flip flops while spray painting...atleast it makes my feet look really tan?!
atleast the paint was brown, so my feet just look tan

I re-arranged our living room to create more room and have decided I am OBSESSED with it.  **ps, this website is awesome if you ever need an interactive floor plan creator.  It even pulls furniture from Ikea! http://floorplanner.com/



Sunday was the big shower day and it turned out SO great.  Momma A has decorated the nursery in grey, navy and aqua so we kept with that theme and really loved how it all pulled together.  We ordered the pom poms from HERE (SO quick, shipped in 24 hours), the straws from HERE and the adorable invitations & custom art from HERE.  Baby D's daddy plays in a band, how perfect!

momma A--only one more month to go!

momma A and the hostesses

After the shower I got geared up for True Blood!!!  The premiere did NOT disappoint and I cannot wait to see where it goes this season!  OMG Tara is a vampire!

Monday night we had an impromptu dinner at our friends the MacCoys.  Mr. M cooked up some amazing pecan encrusted chicken!  

Mr. M also found this little guy walking up the Stono Bridge on Monday...during the rain.  We were able to get him to suck down some kitten milk but he is in need of a good home!  Please message me, comment, etc if you or if you know ANYONE who might want to take this little guy (or girl?).  Seriously, anywhere from here to GA to NC we are willing to travel.  If not...he will be headed up to Charleston Animal Society :(.

  • "Stono"