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Friday, August 26, 2011

Just One of Those Days

In case you have not heard there is a little storm off the coast named Irene.  Charleston at this point seems to be on the much luckier side than our friends to the north.  Right now its raining and we do have a fair amount of wind causing some power outages and trees down.  I know I am thinking of my OBX and VA cousins and wish them only the best (as well as everyone else in already declared state's of emergency). 

This weather makes me sleepy and it does not help that I was up half the night hugging the toilet.  Note to self and all others, stay away from Hardees/Red Burrito.  However, I am starting to wonder if its a little bug since my tummy is still not A-ok after some of Campbell's best and some saltines. 

What do I want right now more than anything?  My bed, with a big down comforter and a black puppy dog and orange kitty cat snuggled up with me.  Mr. R would be a nice addition too.  Wouldn't some of these swoon worthy beds be a welcomed treat this afternoon?

 cozy  nook
  coral and aqua bedroom-love this comboNook and Cranny  bedroom  Soothing and cheery.bedding   bedroom  bed
all via Pinterest

And for the furry ones:

sleepy  Cat bed  Cozy dog bed  ikea hacked cat bed  built-in dog bed #dogbed  Authentic French Crate Cat / Dog Bed
all via pinterest

Sweet Dreams!
via MY BED

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