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Sunday, August 7, 2011

What I Love About Sunday

I know most people have a strong dislike for Sundays because they mean the end of a weekend.  I however have nothing but love for this last (or first!) day of the week. 

Sunday means...

Boogetty, Boogetty, Let's Goo Racin' Boys!
My inner redneck can come out to play with a Sunday afternoon Nascar race.  Today the guys are in Pocono and I find the race is the perfect background for folding laundry or a nice hummmm to take a nap.  My drivers of choice?  Jeff Burton or good ol' Dale Jr.

LOTS of Cat (& Doggy!) Naps
I don't think these two do much of anything other than eat and sleep.  Mr. R and I think they need to start carrying their own weight around here but aren't our boys so darn cute?!
First the window sill.
Then the landing...

Finally the couch...rough life.

And Mr. Tucker just blocks the hallway all day.

Sunday night brings True Blood and Entourage to the TV...i.e. best night of TV all week!  Whether you are Team Eric or Team Bill (or Team Alcide!) there is enough sex appeal for everyone. 

Entourage, well, I'm very sad its the last season but its had its day.  PS, how much of a biatch is Mrs. Ari?

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