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Monday, January 3, 2011

Getting Moody

So, I have been working on this some ideas to show the "updates" in our new house and attempt some diy fun stuff.  Here are some mood boards for the new house.

First we start with the almighty living room.  I have a huge pet peeve of not being able to match during the holidays so I voila, thats where the greens and neutrals come from.  No, I don't want our house to be Christmas all year but I DO want to be able to festivfy it up!

Then we move on to the dining room.  Note the fabric on the corner, well those are my removable slip covers.  I will make white ones too for the holidays.

Lets go upstairs to the master bedroom.  Now since I am married now I'm not allowed to go too girly or the husband won't be too happy.  Most people who know me, know that I'm not to much of a color person either.  I want our bedroom to be a big comfy relaxing room.  Hopefully our boys (Tuck, the lab and Ral the cat) will keep their hair off too.

I really want to add SOME color to the house and I figure the guest bedroom is the best place to do it.  Don't you just LOVE that Pottery Barn bedding?  New for spring 2011!

Last but not least are our two full baths.  I REALLY want to have some monogrammed cafe curtains in the master.  I think I could die a happy wife if every other thing I owned was monogrammed.  It practically is already...
The fabric for the guest bathroom (shown on the pendant) is an old fabric that I got from my old job as an Interior Designer.  By far one of my favorite fabrics EVER!  Shanghri La or something or other...