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Monday, September 26, 2011

Monogrammed Mondays: Croakies

Croakies, i.e. a sunglasses strap for you non-southerners, are a must for the summer season, anytime wearing your sunglasses when they have the slightest chance to fall off OR just because you think they make you look cool.  Now I do have a pair and honestly I need them since I am 150% klutz and would be postively sure I would lose the very nice pair of Costa del Mar sunglasses that Mr. R so kindly gave me.  What makes mine so perfect?  They are monogrammed...shocker, right? 
I did have a revelation the other day that oh no, they are my old monogram!  Since we are coming up on our year anniversary, I guess its time to update!  These days the come in multitudes of colors and font styles.  I will probably stick with my brown with green but if you want a pair you can go crazy with the combinations!  Think groomsmens gifts, sorority gifts, for game day or just because;).

Monogrammed Croakies - Sunglass Holders
via The Pink Monogram

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All via Marley Lilly

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