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Friday, September 9, 2011

Hopin' for Raleigh, I Can See My Baby Tonight...

Do y'all know that song?  Its at the TOP of my favorites list...Wagon Wheel by Old Crow Medicine Show.

Anyways...Mr. R and I are headed on up 95 tonight to see my fam.  I CANNOT WAIT.  Thanks to our good friend Miss Clemens for staying with the boys.  They love you:).  Like alot of people, I love where I grew up but am not sure I would want to move back.  However, I love to visit, especially this time of year with the beautiful weather.  As always, I have my spots to hit up and have some grand plans with the fam.  What am I looking forward to in Raleigh???

Everyone always says shopping in Charleston is the best...I TOTALLY disagree.  I find so many more items between Crabtree (5 min from my parents house), Southpoint (hello, Nordstrom & Anthropologie) and the new North Hills!

This Lebanese deli is SO good.  My dad used to work with the owner's son at IBM.  I can't wait for some homemade hummus and pita for lunch on Saturday with the fam, including Grandma Faye!

Meet Sully (the black one on the right), my sister's new four legged child.  Oh, the orange one is Tiger, he's a HELL-yon.
Anyone who knows my dad, knows he is a little obsessed with car shopping and the deals he COULD get.  My Jeep is on its last leg and Mr. R and I are hoping to run it into the ground.  However, we are going to do a little window shopping this weekend with my car expert father to start narrowing down the options.  We are trying to think "smart" with this car being the one with will have with children...I want a third seat option!  My top choices right now are the Honda Pilot and Toyota Highlander...thoughts?!

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