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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Just For Me...Is It Selfish?

Do you ever just want things for YOU?!  I don't mean a new sofa for the living room, or curtains or gifts for someone else, just something that YOU want?  I know that sounds weird but sometimes I realize that I am only asking for items for my house or a trip or my husband or my animals.  For instance, for my birthday this past year, Mr. R gave me a new kitchen faucet and I was OVER THE MOON, but sometimes I just want something that only I want...not to SHARE.  Maybe its selfish, I don't know, but here are some of my recent "JUST FOR ME" gifts, in no particular order and OF COURSE not for all at once...sometimes the wait makes them even more special and meaningful!

Tocca "Stella" Candle
It is a blood orange scent and by far my favorite.  We used to burn this candle at Copper Penny Shooz when I worked there in college and is still my all time fave!

black patent
Tory Burch "Reva" Flats in Patent Black
I wear black patent flats atleast 3 days a week and would love a good "stylish" pair instead of my pairs that fall apart after 3 months. 

Embroidery/Monogram Machine
I have been sewing since I was 5 and was a costume design major AND I'm obsessed with monogramming (duh).  I am dying for my own embroidery machine.  Mr. R's momma has one and she is wonderful to let me use it!

HP TouchPad
I want a tablet that will run with Flash & Microsoft.  All I ever do anymore is Facebook, Pinterest and email...I love my laptop but would love something more mobile!

w/ monogram
NO, not the girl haha, the Short Sleeve Robe WITHOUT a Collar
This one is from American Apparel.  I want one to lounge around in.  The long sleeves and the big collar drive me crazy.

Lacoste Pour Femme Perfume
My fave scent.  I am really weird about smells but love this one, and Mr. R says I need some "smell good."

Monogrammed Clogs
Brown with White Monogram: My sister in law and my mother in law have a pair and I love them.  They are so comfortable and versitile.

chocolate longchamp bag
Longchamp Tote w/ Long Handles in Chocolate
LOVE this:)  I think a medium?  This way I can carry notebooks and work stuff...

Last but DEFINITELY NOT Least...:)

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