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Friday, September 30, 2011

Back to Sewing: 1st Edition

I have had alot of inspiration to get back to my roots and start sewing again recently.  Yes, I have been sewing since I was 5 (thank you Grandma Faye) and actually majored in Costume Design in college where I got a little burned out.  Since then the most I have taken on is the occasional pillow, shower curtain, and duvet cover.  I was lucky enough to gain a fabulous mother in law in my marriage to Mr. R who, among with other wonderful atributes, is a phenomenal seamstress.  Momma D taught sewing for 30 years and I am hugely envious of her "sewing room" in Spartanburg.  After our trip last weekend and checking out her latest creations for the Reynolds baby girls, including smocking (YES she smocks!), I am thinking of venturing back into the world of sewing.  Lucky me, Vogue patterns had an amazing sale yesterday, patterns for $3.80 a pop and the sewing process begins!

Dress moda city weekend interlock knit cafe dot market green

Skirt tutorialwaverly ellis flamingo

V8511mercury p6323 pink/orange

V8631modern meadow herringbone lake

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