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Thursday, June 14, 2012

So this happened...

Wednesday morning on the way to work downtown I was cruising north up Savannah Highway near Carolina Bay, enjoying my coffee and listening to TJ, Gary & Rick on WEZL when BAM.  That little black car was going south (towards Main Road), lost control and came across the grass median into oncoming traffic and stopped when she ran into me.  

The Tahoe is mine (or well, actually my mother's).  Its totaled.  Mom's getting a new car.

I am ok.  Bruised and burned from the air bag and now an extremely sore neck and shoulders.  The doctor was kind enough to give me some pain meds and muscle relaxers so a 7:30 bedtime last night did a whole lotta good.

I am EXTREMELY thankful to have been driving my mom's Tahoe and not a smaller car.  They may be un-fuel efficient but sure can keep you a little more safe in a wreck.   

I can't stop thinking of how a couple more feet in either direction of the impact could have been so much worse.  Even if I am having trouble with the 'at faults' insurance and dealing with some pain this experience has made me stop and realize how great my life is and to not sweat the small stuff.  God is Good.

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