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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Weekend (and Monday) Recap

Yup, I did it again...got slack on Monday and didn't blog.  This weekend was extremely eventful and the rainy Monday didn't exactly motivate me.  However, it WAS an amazing weekend:).

First off, I have read 3 books since last Thursday.  It kinda helps when I have my tablet at home and Kindle has a "cloud reader" that allows me to read in a browser window.  I can't get away from reading and I love it!  All three were good...but so far Spring Fever by Mary Kay Andrews was the best.  I just downloaded the new Porch Lights by Dorothea Benton Frank.  They can all be bought for Kindle HERE.

Spring Fever  Beach House Memories Summer Breeze: A NovelPorch Lights: A Novel

Friday night and Saturday I spent my time at home cleaning, organizing, spray painting and cooking to get ready to celebrate the upcoming birth of BABY BREWER!!!  Three of my girlfriends and I threw a baby shower at my house on Sunday. 

I re-painted porch furniture...and learned a very valuable lesson NOT to wear flip flops while spray painting!
Photo: note to self, don't wear flip flops while spray painting...atleast it makes my feet look really tan?!
atleast the paint was brown, so my feet just look tan

I re-arranged our living room to create more room and have decided I am OBSESSED with it.  **ps, this website is awesome if you ever need an interactive floor plan creator.  It even pulls furniture from Ikea! http://floorplanner.com/



Sunday was the big shower day and it turned out SO great.  Momma A has decorated the nursery in grey, navy and aqua so we kept with that theme and really loved how it all pulled together.  We ordered the pom poms from HERE (SO quick, shipped in 24 hours), the straws from HERE and the adorable invitations & custom art from HERE.  Baby D's daddy plays in a band, how perfect!

momma A--only one more month to go!

momma A and the hostesses

After the shower I got geared up for True Blood!!!  The premiere did NOT disappoint and I cannot wait to see where it goes this season!  OMG Tara is a vampire!

Monday night we had an impromptu dinner at our friends the MacCoys.  Mr. M cooked up some amazing pecan encrusted chicken!  

Mr. M also found this little guy walking up the Stono Bridge on Monday...during the rain.  We were able to get him to suck down some kitten milk but he is in need of a good home!  Please message me, comment, etc if you or if you know ANYONE who might want to take this little guy (or girl?).  Seriously, anywhere from here to GA to NC we are willing to travel.  If not...he will be headed up to Charleston Animal Society :(.

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  1. The shower was great and the food was delicious!