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Monday, December 5, 2011

Monogrammed Monday: Holiday Ornaments

Christmas Ornament
via Etsy

As I type people are decking their halls, and whats more fun than a tree sparkling with monogrammed and personalized ornaments?  Thats right...nada!  Happy Decorating!

Polka Dot Personalized Ornament
via Libby Oswald

Pink Birdie Personalized Ornament
via Etsy

TWO (2) Personalized Ornaments
via Etsy

Monogrammed Christmas Ornaments
via The Monogram Divas

via The Palm Gifts

Four Personalized Christmas Ornaments
via Etsy

Monogram Ornament Handpainted
via Etsy



  1. What Etsy seller is the 4th one from? The one that says Madison. Thanks! :)

  2. Here you go Megan!