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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Planner--A Review

I am extremely OCD when it comes to my personal calender/planner.  I usually update every 6 months in order to always have a full year's work of dates in the book.  This year, when the academic calendars came out I looked and looked and then BAM one morning received an email from Lilly Pulitzer about their NEW 18 month calendars...starting August 1, 2012!  Wouldn't you know I had a gift certificate from my birthday just waiting to purchase a new planner from Palm Avenue here in Charleston!!  The toughest decision was deciding on which pattern!  So far I am GREATLY pleased with my choice and highly recommend it.  Its extremely durable and has so many cute attributes.  Funny part is too, that three of us at work randomly bought the same one without even knowing it!  

I chose the 'Lillys Pink Dirty Shirley' Pattern

Side View

stickers for different occasions & file pockets for those important docs

individually decorated monthly views

large amounts of room for 'celebration' dates

important dates and multiple pages for addresses

monthly illustrations with quotes

lots of space for weekly to-dos (I told you I was OCD, I highlight based on my life categories, i.e: work, personal, holidays/celebrations)


  1. I love Lilly's agendas! I just have a hard time justifying the price when I know I'll end up throwing it away in 18 mos. If I had a gift certificate thought, I'd definitely get it too!!!

    So I'll just admire yours from afar in the meantime!

  2. Love my Lilly Agenda too! Btw I left you an award on my blog:) I hadn't updated my blog list so your name didn't come up!