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Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Recap

We had such a fun weekend!  Friday night we were lucky enough to celebrate the wedding of our good friends Lauren & Aaron.  The ceremony was at Stella Maris on Sullivan's and the reception was at the Daniel Island Club.  The bride (and groom!) looked stunning and the reception was a BLAST.  The wedding was black tie so it was fun to get all dressed up.  I had never seen Mr. R in a tux before and WOW he sure cleans up nice:).
Mr. and Mrs. Barber!
Mr. R and I all gussied up...
Burke High School Band surprised us during cocktail hour...

Beautiful Decor From W.E.D.

Yummy food & Cookie Box-To-Go!!

Best Buds All Dolled Up--Can you believe A is 7 months along?!  She looks incredible!

Saturday Mr. R and I recovered and had a nice lunch with one of my co-workers on Daniel Island.  Then we had one of those extremely last minute, extremely impromptu nights that was so fun with our good friends and soon to be neighbors the MacCoys (check them out over on Tales of the Traveling Peach).  Basically they grab whats in their fridge, combine it with ours and we try and make something.  Unfortuneatly this time we ended up having to make a grocery store run...

My summer drink of choice...pinot grigio & sprite zero spritzer--try it!

Gourmet Grilled Cheese (I had brie & mushrooms)

nom nom nom....spinach salad w/ goat cheese & champagne dressing on the side

puppy dogs got a treat too- dogsters ice cream!

then got a little crazy with some yatzee...Kate whipped all our butts

Sunday, Mr. R and I took a little trip to Columbia to meet his momma and bring her back to CHS with us for the week.  We also got to see two of our nieces!!!  They are SO cute!
Mr. R and SC

Big Sis M checking out SC for some teeth coming in!

Grammie & M

Sweet baby birds in the front wreath!


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