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Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend Recap

I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Easter weekend.  I sure did!  While Mr. R was slaving away slinging bikes allllllll weekend (he was at work until 11:30pm Saturday night, no joke), I was having a fun time with mi familia.

Thursday night I met Mr. R's oldest brother, Ryan and his wife, Ashley, and two of our nieces, Katie and Elizabeth, for dinner at yummy Rosebank Farms Cafe at Bohicket Marina.  I had the fried shrimp platter with white cheddar grits.  We had a really bad storm that night and Tucker (our lab) decided it would be a good idea to try and dig through our closet to get away from the storm...now I have claw marks all in my closet!  My parents, my sister, her boyfriend and her rabbit (yes, rabbit) got in town about 11pm Thursday night.

Friday was a great family day.  Ryan and family stopped by our house on the way out of town to say goodbye and then the Evans Clan (maiden name) headed downtown.  It was unseasonably cold on Friday but still a really nice day to have lunch (Sweetwater Grille--grilled cheese w/ bacon), walk around the new Market area, along King Street (where Remy, the bf, discovered Dumas) and finally the Battery.  The sun came out right before we went to the Battery and it was absolutely gorgeous!

Remy bought this shirt from Dumas & Sons by Southern Proper
Originally we were going to have dinner at Fleet Landing but we were all so pooped and wanted to be able to eat with Mr. R so we hit up Harris Teeter for the makings of a big steak dinner to celebrate the March (Mine, Daddy's) and April (Kimberly's) birthdays.  Mr. R WAS able to come home in time for dinner and to cook the steaks on the Big Green Egg!!  We also exchanged birthday presents and my parents gave me this BEAUTIFUL painting of the site that Mr. and I got married.

My sister was SO surprised when my parents told her they had closed early on her house!  It was cool to see her reaction when she opened up the bag with a key and garage door opener!

Saturday we had hoped to go to the beach but again the weather was a little cool.  Instead, Daddy and I went to Walmart to get some Round-Up and attack the weeds in my yard.  I also got two new window boxes and some flower to spruce up the front porch.  Here is my inspiration...pics to come of the finished product!

Kimberly, Remy, and Momma laid out in the back yard and the first two neglected to wear suntan lotion and got burnt to a crisp.  I managed to get some sun too.  We all were lazy and watched the 3rd round at the Masters before finishing up the day with dinner at Red's at Bohicket Marina.  The sun set was beautiful!

Easter Sunday morning we took it easy.  Normally we are a church going family but knew that we didn't have much time left together this trip to took the opportunity to relax as a family.  Before my family left we snapped a shot of Rals and his cousin Boingo, the rabbit, on Easter.

I spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing and watching the amazing finale of the Masters.  I am SO happy for Bubba Watson's win and even teared up a little after his final shot!  How special for this man of faith to win on Easter, and his wonderful story of his and his wife's recent adoption.  Enjoy the goofy video (VIA YouTube) below made awhile back by Watson and other golfers on the tour.  I hope you and yours savored the holiday weekend!!!

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