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Thursday, April 19, 2012

50 Shades

I read all three books within the past week.  Literally COULD.NOT.PUT.DOWN!  Now, they are by no means the best written books I have ever read (I can think of hundreds of others better) but DAMN, E.L. James can really suck you in with her erotic, and now viral, novels.

Thoughts on the book (and quit reading now if you have not read at least the first one)...

-How in the world was Ana able to have sex that many times a day and was still able to walk?  Seriously now, that is NOT reality.
-Did anyone else start skipping over the sex scenes towards the end just to get to some of the actual storyline?
-Did you get tired of their ridiculous fighting?

Of course the big story now, if there were to be movies, who would play Christian and Ana?  First off, I would much rather see this as an HBO Miniseries or something because I'm not sure a movie will do it justice, especially if the rating can only be R.

I know the thoughts would be Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone.  Yes, I agree they would be phenom but for some reason I picture a dark haired Christian...how do we feel about Matt Bomer from White Collar?  I know he is gay in real life but WOW he is gorgeous.  A little shirtless action too to give you an idea for the naughty scenes.

Matt Bomer Picture 

OR---get this---Jonathan Rhys Meyers.  If you have ever seen the first couple of seasons of The Tudors, you KNOW he can be Christian.  He's a controlling, manwhore as Henry VIII and fine doing sex scenes...to say the least.

I do 100% agree with Emma Stone as Ana.  She is young enough and so quirky that I think she would be perfect.  Another thought would be Jessica Chastain but thinking she may look too old??  Emma ROBERTS might be an interesting breakout actress for this...


  1. YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally someone else understands my newest, uh, interest, I suppose! And I feel the EXACT same way about the movie role going to Matt Bomer! I AM NOT ALONE! I knew we were friend's for a reason!

  2. Just bought the 3 books and cannot wait to start today..however, I loathe and despise Emma Stone and hated her in The Help..I know I know I am weird, my girls adore her..her mouth makes me twitch..like her tongue is too big!! LOL!! Love your BLOG!