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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Weekend Recap

I'm back from a world wind trip to Virginia to see family.  Sadly, Chris was unable to come but is feeling much better now!  I missed him dearly!

Our weekend involved a lot of driving, a lot of family time, and a lot of laughs!

Friday afternoon I drove up to Rocky Mount, NC and met up with my parents and sister to ride the rest of the way to Reedville, VA, to my grandparents house on the bay.

I was SO happy that there was still snow on the ground Saturday morning, even if it was not much.  It might be my only snow this year!

I got to meet my cousin's new baby boy, Ben, for the first time and he is just precious!!!

Nannie and Granddaddy got their Christmas present from Chris and I, since we did not see them over Christmas.  I did a little DIY wooden monogram on burlap canvas to match their house!

A bunch of us watched Pitch Perfect on Saturday and I was pleasantly surprised how funny it was!  Its a must rent!!!  The soundtrack is pretty darn good too, you can get it HERE.  I had no idea some of these girls could sing!

I got to spend a lot of quality time with my Granddaddy who has been recovering from pneumonia.  Great news is that he got a good report from the doctor today!  He will celebrate his 90th birthday in March!


ALL that were in attendance on Saturday night, we were still short 6 more of the Chamberlain clan but hopefully EVERYONE will be together soon.

My sister caught a beautiful sunset over the Rappahannock River on our way back to NC on Sunday night.  I can't explain how beautiful the area is, just as beautiful as Charleston, just in its own special way.


  1. What a fun, special trip! Glad Chris is feeling better! :)

  2. Love that sunset picture! Also, I agree - Pitch Perfect is great! :)