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Thursday, January 17, 2013


LISTENING: to random people talking while they walk down Meeting Street.
EATING: just finished leftovers from last night, rice with sauteed chicken, broccoli and cream of chicken soup (one of my favorites!)
READING: an email about insurance coverage.
White Tee from H&M, Orange Cardigan from LOFT (on sale HERE), Black Skirt from Target, new F21 boots, Grey Ombre Necklace from Anthropologie HERE
FEELING: Sad for my sister who is going through a breakup, excited/anxious about a trip to VA this weekend to see family, praying Chris can still go since he is feeling sick!
WEATHER: 70 degrees and sunny but its supposed to rain and temps plummet tonight...finally back to regular January temps.  Very jealous of the snow headed towards my NC family and VA!
NEEDING: to write some thank you notes...I'm way behind.
WANTING: my husband to feel better so he can visit family with me!!!
THINKING: heartbreaks really suck.
ENJOYING: the new book I started last night, Groundswell by Katie Lee.

Get it on Amazon HERE!


  1. Love the new format and your outfit! :) I hope that Chris gets to feeling better soon as well so that he can go with you this weekend. Feeling poopy SUCKS!

  2. Hooray for roadtrips!! We are heading North as well! The snow fits my party theme!!