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Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend Recap

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and that you were either able to see your mommas or atleast have a good phone call!  If you ARE a momma, I hope you were showered with love!

Mr. R and I were supposed to have gone back to Spartanburg for an engagement shower for some good friends K&B (wedding in June, woohoo!) but just couldn't make it work after being there two weeks ago and then leaving again Memorial Day weekend.  We are so sad we missed it AND missed spending Mothers Day with DRB!

Friday night our friends the MacCoys came over and we made homemade pizza and had a rummy tournament.  I lead most of the night and then Mrs. M pulled a fast one and beat me in the end.  

Girl's Pizza from the Oven

Guys Pizza on the Big Green Egg

Saturday we got up and got the oil changed on my car, went to Lowes for some hydrangeas and new window box flowers and then took a trip out to Kiawah with the MacCoys to go kayaking/fishing.  Against Mr. R's strong suggestion to go elsewhere we thought it would be a great idea to kayak against the incoming tide out to Captain Sam's Inlet, hang out, and then kayak back to Mingo Point against the wind and outgoing tide.  Needless to say my fingers even hurt from the paddling on Sunday.  
We also had a little incident on the way back...somehow the fishing lines behind the kayaks got crossed (trolling in kayaks, I mean really...), one of the lines snapped and the other whip-lashed back and the hook caught my shoulder and cheek.  No, thank fully I did not look like a fish with a hook in my mouth but it scared the crap out of me!!!  Now two days, and some Neosporin later, my cheek is looking a whole lot better.

jellyfish mass suicide

Sunday was pretty crappy weather wise but Mr. R and I were up early.  He and the boys (4 legged) gave me the beautiful hydrangeas for the yard and the flowers for the window boxes.  Mr. R was nice enough to plant them for me.  We spent some time wandering around Lowes dreaming of home projects, relaxing on the couch and then I made Sunday dinner--Oven Fried Chicken, Smashed Potatoes & Green Bean Casserole...YUMMMM

2 new hydrangeas & don't mind Rals doing his yoga in the background

updated window boxes: petunias, calibrachoa & potato vine

my gardenias have finally started blooming
sunday dinner


  1. Pretty pretty!! I am a sucker for a hydrangea! Where did you guys build?

    1. Hey lady! Happy Belated Birthday! We bought in Bolton's Landing, love it!