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Friday, May 11, 2012


  • Coastal Living Magazine announced today that our very own Kiawah Island (i.e. where Mr. R and I met, worked, got engaged, vacationed and LOVE) was named "Happiest Seaside Town in America."  You can read the article HERE.  No wonder my husband always has a smile on his face...I thought it was just because he is married to me!

  • Speaking of KI, we are excited to go kayaking this weekend on the rivahhh.  Hopefully the dolphins will be out to play.  

  • I ordered this necklace off of Etsy this week.  Identical to the infamous JCREW Bubble Necklace for 1/3 of the price! 
    Black Bubble Statement Necklace similar to J. Crew
  • Did anyone watch Scandal last night?  Its my new obsession!!!  I am on pins and needles for next week's episode!  Feeling somewhat similar about the finale of Grey's but read today on TVLine.com that all the original cast has resigned a 2-year deal.  WHEW.

  • My neighbor's opened her front door to her cat, Oscar, snuggled up with this little guy.  They were hoping to keep him but unfortunately he did not make it through the night last night.  Poor little thing.

  • Update on baby Rowan:  She is getting ready to move out of the PICU!!  She is making little steps towards recovery and is officially off her breathing tube and oxygen.  The is clasping her hands and making small movements.  Keep praying for even more good news!!

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