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Thursday, October 27, 2011


I realized that I have not given "thanks" recently and know that I have ALOT in my life to be thankful for.

  • Leftovers from a friend's winetasting (he is a wine rep).  Loved this Cab we had a FULL BOTTLE of on Monday:

    • Pictures like this saying "stretch the kitty" that make me laugh out loud:

    • Only 10 more days until VACAY & 58 more days until CHRISTMAS (how early is TOO early to start listening to Christmas music?)

    Publix Premium Chocolate Moose Tracks Ice Cream

    • Great surprise that we are getting visit Monday night from our sister in law AGR!

    • October weather

    • The CONSTANT love and support from my family and friends and that I got to see my SEEESSSTTTER this past weekend (ps thanks for watching the animals KDE).

    • POTTERY BARN's Christmas Catalouge that came in the mail at work today AND they are offering FREE MONGRAMMING through November 2nd on Holiday Goodies!

    • College Football: We have a house divided this weekend, I'm pulling for the Wolfpack and Mr. R is pulling for the 'Noles...should be interesting!

    Lady of the Rivers Book Cover

    • the Halloween episode of MODERN FAMILY--if you have not seen it, you are missing out. period.

    1 comment :

    1. 1. If you read that book, let me know how it is...I doubt I will find the time anytime soon.

      2. It took me being pregnant before Daniel made late night runs to get me ice cream....just sayin!