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Friday, August 3, 2012

Olympic Thoughts and A WINNER!

Clearly the Olympics are happening, duh!  A couple observations/thoughts so far...
    • I LOVE the girls gymnastics team.  It was so excited to watch them win and to see the face, with tears,   of sweet Aly Raisman while she finished her floor exercise and knew that she had nailed it. 
    • I'm really aggrevated with all of the 'spoilers.'  You can't go anywhere online and not see the results.  Darn you NBC for not showing it in real time, especially since London is only 5 hours ahead.  Their live stream option kinda sucks too.
    • I can't keep from crying watching the parents as their children win.  Tears fall every time.  They are also rather hilarious while cheering on their children.  
    • I have been really impressed with Michael Phelps.  He seems so cool and collected and just enjoying himself.  Ryan Lochte on the other hand...I just am not Team Lochte.  Other than being a phenomenal athlete, not into the gemstone grill, so sorry I'm not sorry:).
    • Charlie Houchin (top left) with Davis Tarwater (top right), Matt McClean (leaning over the starting block) and Conner Dwyer (in the water)
    • I am SO proud and happy for Raleigh boy Charlie Houchin.  He swam in the prelims for the USofA in the 4x200 free   relay (yeah, the one Phelps got his historic medal in), and his swim qualified the team for the finals.  Therefore, he is officially a gold medal winner!!!!  Here is a pic my mom took and photo shopped of their family dog, love it!  So so thrilled for Charlie and the Houchin family!   
    • The other Raleigh boy, Jesse Williams, starts his quest for gold on Sunday in the high jump.  Really looking forward to the track and field events!!


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WINNER #3 IS KRISTIN B!!!Kristin, be on the lookout from an email from me!  Congrats!

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